Top 10 attractions in Budapest
Budapest hotels - Where to find accommodation in Budapest?
In Budapest hotels can be found all over the town.There is such a wide range of hotels in Budapest that everyone can find the one which fits their needs. Depending on your criterias choose from - luxury hotels, boutique hotels or budget hotels. What problems can occure in choosing the right hotel in Budapest?
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Budapest weather in different seasons
If you consider Budapest weather, the best time to visit can be spring, late March trough May or fall, September through the end of October. However, what is good about Budapest is that travel to the city can occur at any time of the year, with events going on throughout the seasons and the temperature being relatively moderate in comparison with many locations.
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Top 10 must-see Hungarian attractions
There are a lot of different ways to discover a city and it can be difficult to decide what to see first in Budapest if you are a newbie to the capital of Hungary. In my list I show you the must-see hungarian attractions. #1.
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